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History Part 1 / Chosen People / History Part 2

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The narrator introduces the hero of our story, Sleepy Doormat. He's an aging hipster - past 30. He's a programmer who likes his job. Well, he sort of likes it. Actually he hates it. He lives in a hip neighborhood of a cosmopolitan American city. We are taken back to his childhood to meet the young Sleepy and his mother and see them have an exchange about what he learned at school that day. We examine the narrative Sleepy receives from school, religion, and community.



In this land and with this word
The voice of our God our fathers heard
This promise is our just reward
For this we wage unending war

We are the chosen ones
The seed of kings
Our time has come

Gather stones into a pile
Ten thousand seeds cast across the miles



This is where I live
This is what I give
My contribution to society
There's nothing wrong with that, in fact it's where it's at
I've worked and paid for all that you can see

But you don't understand the lessons of this land
All the things we fought and paid for in blood
And you don't know because you don't salute the flag
You should just go back to where you came from

I work hard to get ahead. My job's a bitch I know
But I don't finance welfare queens and bums
We salute the flag, blood of the patriots
Don't forget that they died for your sins

This is the car I drive, these are the reasons why
I've worked all my life to get ahead
And you can do it too we all have an equal chance
Except for some like you know who

We are free, and we are the chosen people
We can see that they just don't understand
We have faith and we believe
We are free and we are strong
We pave the way for truth and freedom
We know mercy and we belong

We are free
To be what we will
To buy what we want
Pepsi or Coke
Freedom's no joke



Columbus sailed the ocean blue In the year 1492
An explorer with a brilliant mind
He never could have committed genocide

Lincoln freed the slaves
JFK and Reagan gave us grace
The founding fathers where so brave
And they only owned a few hundred slaves