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Thanks for visiting my website. For over 20 years I have played bass and touch guitar across the Northeast and East Coast with Uncle Sammy, Gordon Stone, Gary Backstrom, Dave Brunyak, Rev Tor's Steal Your Peach Band, Jo Henley, Interminable, Live at the Filmore, and many others.

Head on over to my Bandcamp Page to check out all kinds of recordings that I have done over the years, new releases are posted regularly!

There are several projects I'm currently working on:

My newest project is a Podcast called Witch Hunt - history told in music, song, and story that tells the story of the Salem Witch Trials. It is in the style of an old time radio show with an art-rock twist and combines my love of history and music. This idea originally began as a live theatrical rock opera concept and may someday be presented that way someday.

My band the Brian O'Connell Fellowship focuses on performing my original compositions, including many tunes from Uncle Sammy and my rock opera Over The Line plus songs by our guitarist Jim McCann formerly of the band LIOS (Leave It On Stage).

I regularly perform in the Northeast with The Steal Your Peach Band, a tribute to the music of The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers, and The Band led by legendary New England bandleader Rev Tor.

In 2019 I started playing with a project called "dB" which is led by ex-Pink Talking Fish guitarist Dave Brunyak. We are currently reformulating the band and will be playing under a new name in 2021.

You can also occasionally find me playing with the accordion led chamber noir jazz group Minouchka, led by the incredible Rachel Koppelman.

In 2012 I debuted my rock opera Over The Line, a psychological-political fairy tale about self discovery and indoctrination. Head on over to the Music Page to listen to and download Over The Line.

I'm currently working recordings by The Brian O'Connell Fellowship and Dave Brunyak along with an unreleased Uncle Sammy album from 2002 that is being finalized.

Thanks again for visiting, I hope that we can meet face to face real soon!

~ brian



My podcast is at: "Witch Hunt - history told in music, song, and story"

My YouTube channel with many different performances is HERE

Are you an Uncle Sammy fan? Or maybe a little curious? Go on over to the Archive.org Uncle Sammy Page to check out some old gems, or go to the Uncle Sammy Facebook Page.




(Photos by Kathrine KC Bower)


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PS - All the gigs that I had this year from March on out have been cancelled and there is no telling telling when any gigs will come back, my personal feeling is most likely not until 2021. If you would like to help me out with a tip of appreciation and support I would be extremely honored and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Photo by Kathrine KC Bower

Photo by Kathrine KC Bower