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Inside The Lines

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Our story begins with the narrator introducing the central themes of self policing indoctrination, social acceptability, and the confines of acceptable thought and behavior patterns. The people of the town chime in and add their voices to the song. The song ends in a montage meltdown of modern media voices.


When we were young and they shaped our minds
In the little book we would neatly trace the lines
We colored nice and so perfectly
We learned the game and they taught us well

We go out into the world we know
Following the rules in the great design
No questions please it is in control
Follow the rules please behave now
Don’t be a fool don’t step out of the line


Add your voice to the song.
You’re free to sing along
You’re free to just be
Free to be you and me
But don’t step out of line
You won’t have a good time
You’re friends will shut you out
You’ll scream and stamp and shout

And run back to your room
And lonely little homes
What you need is TV
And get yourself some sleep
And dig an early grave
Be sure that you behave and
Don’t ask questions we can’t answer


The book is colored and the pictures clear
Won’t you hold me close I need to know your near
It’s dog eat dog and we must beat the rush
From home to home no one has the time

But we all know in our heart of hearts
If only we could look at what is our part
What is the story that we tell ourselves
What is the picture that we color
What is the story that we tell to each other
What is the story that we tell to each other
What is the story that we tell to each other