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Saints & Sinners

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The Goddesses take Sleepy through a series of questions on the subject of good and evil.


Tell me of the nature of the human mind
Is it basically evil, or basically kind
Is it really true that people will always fight
Or are we all constructed out of towers of light

Mother Theresa, Ghandi, and all the saints
Hitler and Mao, Bin Laden, all had their day
Do you believe in original sin
Is there a devil that is hiding within

Or are we all angels inside
Moral and pure only corrupted by lies
Or is there a darkness that hides
Deep inside us there's room for both of these kinds


It's all inside us, and there's more
The shadow, the saint, the sinner
The pure child, safe in mommas arms
A little devil. A towering pillar of light

This darkness, buried deep
Gets darker, down the deeper we go
Touch the dark side, and proceed
Let the light shine, down on you and me
Let the light shine, down on you and me