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Into The Underworld

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Sleepy wakes to a dream world. He is approached by three ancient Goddesses from his deep pagan past. Playing with Sleepy as a child plays with a kitten, they challenge all that he knows. After a little while, out of no where, the voice of the dark Shadow confronts him in a nightmare sequence. But it's over as soon as it began the the Goddesses return to dispel the darkness.


(The Goddesses)

Lay down your guard
We mean you no harm
Put your opinions down
Lay your fears on the ground

Who are you?
Is this true?
Where is your revolution now?
Who holds the truth who holds the crown?
The plan, the answer to it all,
We want to know.

You say that you have got the plan.
And they just cannot understand.
They lie, they cheat,
Misguided fools who keep us down.

But we know that
All must change
And we can rearrange

There is no Time to waste
Cast off Doubt

We call out to those who believe
Who work each day to pick apart
The system that destroys free will
The will to live.

Can you shine your
Love light?
Will you shine?
Shine light, sing truth.
Expose the lies that keep us down.


(The Voice of the Shadow)

How many sins have you committed
How many time have you lied
It's not that you gave up early
It's just that you never did try

And what's the use of trying
We can never get back what you stole
A failure from the beginning
What an asshole

You're a failure
You're a fake

Who did you think you where fooling
What makes you think times on your side
What is it that you are smoking
What is it you're trying to hide

We know everything about you
We know all the thoughts in your head
You need to comprehend
That someday you too will be dead

You're a failure
You're a fake


(The Goddesses return)

Can you shine your

Will you shine
Shine light
Dig deep in side your soul
Your choice
Your move