The Brian O'Connell Fellowship is a band formed in 2017 by Brian to feature his original compositions and songs. A rocking mix of funky jams, proggy fusion, wacky humor, and pure unadulterated fun with a side of intense improvisation permeate every show. The Fellowship plays many original tunes from Brian's former band Uncle Sammy as well as his puppet theater rock opera Over the Line, in addition they feature cover tunes and material from the other members of the band.

Brian O'Connell is recognized for his engaging performance style and intensely kinetic bass playing. In the BOCF he pulls out all the stops: crazy bass riffage, touch guitar psychedelia, unique compositions with story teller lyrics, and overall total originality.

Jim McCann plays guitar, keys, and sings.n the BOCF he focuses more on ripping guitar licks and far reaching sonic explorations into the far regions of the dance floor.

Jim originates from Maynard, MA and has been performing in the Boston area and around the northeast as a guitarist/keyboardist for several years. He is known for performing in New England with Leave It On Stage, a live electron dance based house, electro, and disco power trio; as well as the Grey Area and Travel Info. Jim has a variety of musical influences including Phish, The Grateful Dead, Herbie Hancock, LTJ Bukem, The Disco Biscuits, The New Deal, Justice, and many more

John "JG" Graham holds down the essential slamming grooves on drums and also sings. He has been seen and heard across the nation with the band Girls, Guns, and Glory. John is a pyrotechnic drummer who burns up the stage with his bombastic beats and over the top playing. With an insane drummer like JG in the chair, the essential requirements of a power trio and fulfilled.

Look for the Brian O'Connell Fellowship around New England in 2018 and beyond.

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